At Least Like Once a Week

Remember that time I said I was going to write 30 minutes per day and/or start working on "my book?"

ah Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha.


Why do I torture myself like this and set unrealistic goals after just having a baby? Maybe one day I'll learn. But I have been itching to write, especially about postpartum and life with two. The problem is that I've been living postpartum life with two. Which makes it hard. There's always something else I could be doing like tidying up, cooking, showering, exercising, eating, or sleeping so those things usually win. I guess if any writing is going to happen it will be at the expense of clean hair or children and I'll just put on my productivity blinders and do the thing.

Writing for me is like praying. Or yoga. I know that I should pray, and that I should probably practice yoga so that I'm stretched out, less stressed and less likely to bite my husband's head off but I don't make time for it. When I actually DO sit down to pray, I feel better. Life is better and I think, "Why, Why, Why don't I do this like EVERY DAY??" Sometimes the hardest part is getting started and then things start to flow. The magic.

Because I really do want to write. I have things to tell you, and myself. Viewpoints to share and <hopefully> things you find helpful. And I just want to get in the habit. My fingers like to type! And I'm fast. #ThankYouHomeSchoolOldSchoolComputerTypingProgram

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and it dawned on me, ya know, I could have been writing instead of reading other people's stuff. Granted, the four month old was sound asleep laying on me so I excused it. Mama needs her downtime too.

My sister Karoline texted me yesterday asking if she could take Karlyn to a movie soon. I mentioned it to Karlyn who then got super excited and kept asking questions about it. Krosby was in the swing right next to her and Karlyn goes,

"Krosby, I don't want to say I don't love you... but at least like once a week, I need a break from you."

Ya think, KID? Break. Yes, please! Sign me up for that. It was funny though and of course I had to write it down before I forgot. My girls are growing so quickly and each day I try to soak it in. Some days I don't soak and I just yell too much.

I love reading honest. I think it's my favorite (next to anything health/fitness) because it's real. When you get to the end and think, oh man, me too. I feel/act the same way. We can relate. I'm not the only one. So I want to write honest too, because that's what I prefer. If you're a mom to littles and not following Bunmi Laditan on Facebook, you should. Scroll down to April 2 and watch her video on: Leaving your Baby With The Grandparents- First Child vs. Third Child


She's also the author of the blog "Honest Toddler" and book "The Honest Toddler." I plan to re-read it when Krosby is older. Serious laugh till you cry stuff, perfectly suited for that end of day bath.

Alright. Enough for today. Kiddo #1 is at school, Baby #2 is half-way through her twenty minute nap. The house is quiet. Happy Tuesday.

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