International Sibling Day

It's National Sibling Day, and while I'm pretty sure this is a made-up thing I can't pass up a chance to jot down some funny things my oldest said. My own mom tells me that I have to write this stuff down!

This morning I told Karlyn,

"Did you know today is National Sibling Day? Do you know what a sibling is?"

"A baby?"

"It's a sister or a brother."

"So what's this all about? You take your sibling to school? You pet them?"

Karlyn likes to talk to her "YouTube" fans sometimes and make these pretend videos. We'll catch her talking out loud at random times and holding a dialogue with invisible friends. So later in the nursery while I was changing Krosby, I hear,

"So it's International Sibling Day and...I don't really know what that means because this is my first International Sibling Day."


The girls stayed home from church this morning after a late and long night so while daddy was gone teaching, I had both Karlyn and Krosby upstairs with me for a quick workout. Karlyn also loves to play doctor and give checkups and who do you think needed a checkup most but little sister!

I love these real-life pics of sweet sisters playing. Krosby needed some "blood work" and then had to have a cast which consisted of a baby washrag + hair rubber band. She begged me to leave it on her, which I did for about a minute. :>

I can't wait to watch these two grow up together and write down all the funny things that are said! I feel so blessed to be their mom and I will always remember how Karlyn prayed for her little sister. She would repeat after us at bedtime:

"God, please let me have a baby brother or sister."


"No, just sister."

Happy International Sibling Day!

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