Book Thoughts

That moment you realize you're probably not going back to sleep. Baby is fed and back to sleep, you've eaten a snack, gotten comfy and the light starts slowly pouring in from the living room windows where you're camped out in the chair. Just doze off, just doze off. It usually works! But not this morning, because chapter titles keep jumping into my head.

Oh, you know, for the book I'm going to write.

It's not a completely new thought to me but it's one that has resurfaced. A possible title popped into my head the other day and since then little ideas or snippets and chapters have made their way in. Maybe it was because I went to Half Price Books. There's something about that store, or any bookstore really. If you're a true reader/writer, you don't even have to buy anything. Just being inside, standing in the aisles inspires. I think to be a writer is to be a reader. You simply have to read if you're going to write. It's just part of it. Luckily, I love both. I couldn't find what I went in for but I wasn't going to leave empty handed; (I had already gotten myself and the infant out of the house!) a book was coming home with me. So I left with something by Beth Harbison and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I really, truly enjoy writing but as with many things, it requires that I make time for it and actually DO it. Isn't that where the magic is? In the doing? Plus, with a five year and two month old, I really need to get out of my head. Talking to little people all day does something to a person and all those grown up thoughts and ideas get smashed into the back of my brain - and then dumped onto my husband the minute he sits down to eat dinner. So. I should probably start writing. Thirty minutes a day is the goal, whether that's here and blog published or in "book planning form." ha. Am I nuts?

Even if no one reads it, a book is a book right? I'm one of eight children (a fact that continues to baffle me the deeper I <sink> into parenting. How is that even possible? Life with two is a whole other world. But, my point. Surely that gives me nine people guaranteed to read. And publishing. Well I'll get to that.

There is something incredible about words. They hold so much power and when crafted together into sentences and paragraphs, thoughts and chapters they become this force to be reckoned with. Whether that force produces laughter, tears, introspection, or daring drive is up to the author - and reader. And I want to write the kind of book that can be re-read. None of this one and done stuff, but the kind you highlight in and flip open as a reference, and say to your friend, "You have got to read this book."

"It's changed me!"

Of course I'll need a cover design. Thankfully I have a sister-in-law who excels in design. She does really great work and you should definitely check her out.

Alright. Well, my thirty minutes is up. This has been good. And it's time for breakfast. Happy Monday friends~

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