Boon Flair Find & Bedazzled Baby

I don't spend money on a lot of things. Jeans, running shoes, hair color. Those are big ticket items for me but for most things, I'm happy to wait until they go on sale and enjoy the challenge of finding a good deal. I am my mother's daughter!

Krosby has Karlyn's old crib, dresser, glider, and plenty of hand-me-down clothes so I don't feel too guilty when I buy her new items of her own. I can't remember when I first came across the highchair of my dreams, but I did and I was sold. I wanted this one bad!

Oh but don't worry. Amazon has it for $229.00!

There was still no way I was going to pay over two hundred dollars for a highchair. Back around Christmas a fellow blogger tipped us off to a sale on them for $160.00 but by the time I saw it, Wal-Mart was out of stock. Diapers.com had a sale too but we decided to wait, thinking surely it would go on sale again by the time we needed it.

Recently I'd started refreshing my browser daily just to check! I think one of the biggest selling points to me was NO FABRIC. The all plastic and smooth materials were going to make it a snap to wipe down after messy meals and I loved the adjustable height feature. Plus, it just looked cool! Amazon gave amazing reviews and so little by little my heart was set on it. I knew exactly where I would put it and I could picture it there, sitting sweetly under the calendar. :-)

I'm part of a large moms group on Facebook so a few days ago I threw out that I was wanting a boon flair. One of the girls said her sister had found one at a garage sale for $30! Fast-forward to this past Saturday morning and another sweet momma snapped and posted a pic of the very chair I wanted at a Kid-to-Kid resale shop about an hour away. Ahhh! #BlessHer I called and asked a few questions to make sure it was in decent shape and then requested that they hold it for me. Krosby and I set out for a weekend drive which was actually really relaxing because she slept the whole time while I jammed out to the radio. <It's the little things.>

We made it there in no time and I gave it the once over. I even had to pull up the video on it because I couldn't figure out the pneumatic lift. Tip: Pull/Push hard! You can watch here to see how it works!

An employee helped me load it up and we were off! What a steal! It was also my lucky day because I was able to meet up with a friend from college that I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with Karlyn. She lived in the area so Krosby and I got to check out her super-cool house (I love older homes with character AND the previous owner left her with top of the line high-end kitchen appliances!) and we caught up on life over Torchy's Tacos. It was seriously such a fun day and totally out of the norm for me. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see her! We actually lived together for one Summer right after college, in Indiana. Crazy!


On Sunday, I got my boon flair all cleaned up and wheeled into place. Oh yes. It rolls! But...not before I let my smallest child roll off the ottoman. 

Ya'll. I was horrified! This is what happened. I left for an hour on Sunday to go to the gym and returned home to this bedazzled baby. Karlyn had gotten a bracelet set with her Nona and with daddy's help decided to decorate her younger sister. I thought it was so funny so of course I was trying to get a picture. After I took a few I turned around for a split-second and whlop! There she goes. I had just told the dog to hop off the chair so I don't know for sure if he knocked her slightly or if she rolled all on her own (I think she did) and landed on the floor. Luckily she is squishy and the ottoman is not very high. But I still hated it and it scared me for a second. She cried for about a minute and then was fine. I guess we got that milestone out of the way. :-0 


So that was my weekend. I still can't believe the highchair I really wanted is sitting in my kitchen! I plan on replacing the pad with one of the colored ones - probably orange. Even though Krosby isn't ready for it yet, it's so fun to have it waiting on us for those first baby foods!

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