4 Months

Alright kiddo, we're gonna make this quick. Because mommy has things to do - like recover from probably the longest night we've had with you (4 month sleep regression anyone? You're waking up too soon from a nap as we speak!!) and clean up this house which is in a constant state of disarray since you arrived.

But we LOVE you sweetie pie! :-) All joking aside, months three to four were one giant leap for you and all of a sudden you were this alert, responsive, cutie patootie little one instead of my tiny newborn. You looked and acted older and everything was new!


{I'll update this section on Tuesday, after your four month appointment.}


You're in a size 3 diaper and wear size 3-6 month clothing. You've been able to keep a couple of pairs of shoes on that have a handy ankle strap. They look so cute on you. I bought you several pairs of denim shorts for Summer and they're pretty much adorable.


Guess what? You started sleeping through the night again! Until above-mentioned sleep regression that started approximately 48 hours ago. Now you like to eat a couple times and just generally, not sleep. I did discover that you sleep quite excellently right stinkin next to me, which is OK in the living room chair - not so much in the bed. You are slightly congested right now so I am hoping/praying to Jesus that that is some of it. #IKindOfDoubtIt  You're still sleeping in your swing at night, except for the past two nights. (Do I really need to keep saying that?) You like to fall asleep with a paci now, which I will get to later on.


You are still a good little eater! You eat around 6-8 times per day/ish. Just when I was getting settled you started mixing things up and only eating for a few minutes about half the time. It was funny because I told daddy that it was spot-on four minutes each time. Almost like you were watching the clock! I guess you know your own tummy though. We attempted to try a bottle a couple more times but you just weren't a fan and couldn't figure it out. I haven't been in a hurry to keep trying, but eventually it will be nice!


You're rapidly outgrowing your pink bouncy seat and after a few minutes I'll see half of your body sliding on out. I still need you to sit in it at times, like while I shower so I'll probably start buckling you in. You will lay on your back on a blanket with toys but it's not super entertaining because you can't hold most of the toys yet and you like to roll over on your stomach and just be stuck there. I could tell we needed something in the interim between bouncy seat and sitting up on your own so I bought an exercauser. You looked little in it at first but are slowly warming up to it. I think in a few weeks or so, you will really start to have fun there. We also tried your jumper thing in the bedroom doorway but that was a bust. #toosmallstill  You like to grab your sister's hair!

Other Things~

SO many "other things!" You rolled over for the first time, attended your first wedding, and reached for and found your toes. It's your most fun trick and you do it all the time, after naps and during diaper changes, like, "Look! I can still do it!" You finally started taking a pacifier! It's this one and it's been a life-saver. Although, now you kind of like it to fall asleep with. I named it "Ollie" which I thought quite clever. =) You had your first pedicure (or sat with me while I got one) and you celebrated your very first Easter. You were less than thrilled when I helped you hold an egg.

Soon after turning three months, you found your "pterodactyl" voice and you enjoyed using it at will. You then caught your very first cold which meant you had a hoarse pterodactyl voice which was so very, pathetically cute.

Your sister Karlyn started putting you to sleep on her own which was so cute! You'd be laying on your yellow blanket and she would cover you up, turn on the sound machine music, give you your paci, and pat your back. You'd be out in minutes! She did it several days in a row so now you associate the music with sleep. #touche  She even told me, "Mom, here's a tip. If she starts crying just pat her back."

I finally took out your bathtub newborn insert (like 2 baths ago - oops) and you love sitting in the little tub without it. Once you can sit up, there's a seat for it too!

Anything you hold goes straight to your mouth, including your fist. I haven't felt or seen any teeth but I'm thinking they have to be near. Maybe? We came up with new nicknames including: K-Bizzle and Kros-Biscuit. Don't ask; it was a rainy day. You also went to the park with Karlyn and I!


Krosby Mae, we love you SO! Please keep this regression stuff short and sweet and we'll all be happy and rested. :>

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