Welcome to Lovenox, Population Ouch


Well, it's been a few days. A lot's happened! Kind of.

  1. I'm still pregnant
  2. I found out I'll be using Lovenox injections throughout my pregnancy (switching to heparin later)
  3. I saw my baby! Or the start of him/her. :-)
This has all been a little bit of a crazy mess to start. As I said before, when I first got my positive test, the OB office was the first to call me back so they are the one's I've done the three blood draws through. But, I knew that when Ryan and I met with our RE last fall (reproductive endocrinologist) that he had written down Lovenox as a possibility if I got pregnant. Obviously, I want to make sure I am doing ALL that I can on my end to maintain this pregnancy. Yes, even if that means giving myself a shot. Shots. Every night. OUCH.

So I asked that my OB's office get in touch with the RE's office to confirm. I got the call on Tuesday afternoon that yes, I did need to start the injections. I went to Walgreens to pick them up and although Ryan thought I should wait, I went ahead and did my first one that night. No time to waste I figured and I had gotten some tips from friends AND watched an online video. So basically me = expert. ha

God must have been smiling on me because I couldn't even feel the needle going in that first time. Second night - not so much. I know it'll take time for me to get the process down and fortunately? I'll have lots of practice. Shot #3 coming up this evening!

bag of goodies.


here goes nothin.

I did it!

Lovenox keeps your blood nice and smooth and prevents it from clotting. I know these are going to get really old, really fast but I'm willing to do whatever it takes for me to meet my baby.


So you know me...I worry a bit. I mean, I think I'm granted that somewhat after all we've been through. And a week had gone by since my last blood draw. And I didn't have a sono (with my OB) planned until the 20th. So...I made a little call to the RE yesterday and was told I could come in for a sono today. YES PLEASE! Actually, I wasn't sure. Would this just cause additional stress if I didn't see all that I thought I should? Ryan couldn't come. Should I go alone? I decided to go. I wanted to know where things stood.

I'm so glad I did! Now this may not look like much but it was exactly what it should have looked like. We have the gestational sac and the first glimmer of the yolk sac, which is the first sign of embryonic activity. How cool is that?! The nurse estimated me to be around 5-ish weeks, and said that measurements (of the sac) could vary in days a little. I thought I was around 5 weeks, 4 days, so we're close. I left the office happy and a little relieved. I will feel even more relieved if we see and/or hear the heartbeat next week like she said we should. Yep - I get another sono one week from today and then the third one on the 20th.

So that's where we are. My back is kind of hurting which really surprised me this soon. It's like a dull ache which I'm told is just my joints starting to relax and hormones. My three fave foods right now are~

  • cold hard boiled eggs
  • gf macaroni and cheese
  • pink lemonade

mmmmmm. :> I got these rainbow reefs in the mail today I had ordered. Perfect timing. I'm hoping I can wear my rainbow flops while preggo with my rainbow baby!

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