We saw our baby's heartbeat today! It looked like little lips opening and closing. :>

I was pretty nervous heading into the appointment and I'm so glad Ryan was there with me. What a huge sigh of relief to see that baby Ivey had grown since last week AND had a beating heart. Just amazing.

the blob to the left is the BABY! blob to the right is the yolk sac. :-)

The nurse told me I measured 6 weeks, 4 days. Which by the way is exactly-to the day how far along I thought I should be. I asked about a due date and she said: December 6th!

I can't think of a better birthday present for Karlyn!

While the sonogram gave me some relief, I can't say that it removes all anxiety. It's still very early and unfortunately we've had the experience of hearing a heartbeat before only to not hear it two weeks later. It was devastating. But. At the same time, I truly truly, deep down in my heart feel that this is it. This is the baby we get to bring home. Please Lord.

I went by Tom Thumb on my way home to get some snacks and I thought this was really cool! As I opened one of them I happened to see the "best by" date stamped at the top of the package. 

How stinkin cool is that???! #sign #ilovesigns

So I'm 6.5 weeks along! Very nauseous. Very hard to find things to eat that taste good for more than 1 bite. Tonight I will do my 10th Lovenox shot and honestly, I've decided they're really more of a pain than painful. Like, ugh, I have to give myself a shot. But hello - I have a baby inside me - WITH A BEATING HEART! I will do whatever I need to do to keep that baby growing.

I really want to tell our familes but haven't decided when that will be yet. Possibly Mother's Day if I can hold out that long. :>

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