BEHOLD, The Lettuce Wich

I've been on kind of a sandwich kick. Except I can't eat bread. And I pretty much have been eating lunch out every day which is so not the norm for me but so goes the first trimester. Leftovers have been non-existent since I haven't been cooking and trying to pick out something in the morning to take was just not happening. I've worn out the gluten-free options (Wendy's baked potato and salad or Chipotle) around where I work and decided it sure would be nice just to have a sandwich.

Enter: the Lettuce Wich! I've had three now - one from Lenny's Subs and two from Which Wich. The Lettuce Wich is actually a thing on Which Wich's menu and I liked theirs better. I appreciated Lenny's making me one though! :-) Today's was my favorite. I got turkey, Swiss cheese, mayo, mustard, spinach, cucumber, tomato, pickles, salt and pepper. It's COLD too which fits my pregnancy palate right now. I thought I should try and make these at home but...I probably won't. ha.

If you're gluten-free or just really like lettuce, give the lettuce wich a try. You might like it! :>

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Amie said...

I don't know if you have a Jimmy John's in your area but if you do they have something similar to this as well.