Baby Meds

My how things have changed since my pregnancy with Karlyn. Back then I took a Walmart brand prenatal and didn't think anything of it. After four losses though, numerous medical tests, and tons of research on my own, it's not quite as simple. The above is what I'm taking this pregnancy as well as a few other things as I decide. But this has been my core group. > that sounds dumb.

Anyways, from left to right~

  • low-dose aspirin - 1x a day
  • Thorne Stress B-Complex (methylated B vitamins) - 1x a day
  • Prometrium/Progesterone - 1x a night, up to 14 weeks
  • Nordic Naturals DHA - 1x a day
  • Dexamethasone (steroid) - 2, 1x a day, up to 19 weeks
  • Folate (methylfolate) - 1x a day
  • Enoxaparin Sodium Injection (the lovely Lovenox shot!) - 1x a night, up to 28 weeks

The aspirin is to help with any potential clotting issues. The methylated b vitamins are the type I need due to my mthfr genetic mutation. Progesterone is to keep my level nice and high. It annoys me that its been low each time. The DHA is good for baby's brain health. Dexamethasone is a low, low dose steroid designed to lower my immune system just a bit and prevent a possible attack on our developing baby in the early stages. Methylfolate is huge! I have to have this because of the mthfr. I'm taking 1,000 mcg total because my b vitamins have an extra 200 mcg. The Lovenox injection is again to keep my blood nice and smooth and prevent it from clotting.

Other supplements I add in here and there ~

  • probiotic
  • vitamin D3
  • extra (methylated) b-12
  • zinc
  • coenzyme Q10

I plan to write a separate post on MTHFR, the genetic mutation we discovered I had after my second miscarriage, in 2013. I feel very passionate about informing others now that I know and want to do a better job of that. If you have any questions about the supplements I'm taking now, feel free to ask!

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