Friday Faves

1. I think every woman should wear blush. It's a make-up must in my opinion! This is my fave right now. It gives you that flushed rosy glow and I love topping it with a little bronzer and then brushing on a powder blush/highlighter on top of it.

2. Trips to the dentist. They really don't bother me and I usually leave with a good report. I felt like I got a failing grade this last time though because they noticed some gum recession. :-( I was like, huh? She goes, yeah, if sensitivity starts happening, I could switch toothpaste and then surgery might also be on the table. IF it got worse. I was half-way mortified. She mentioned getting a Sonicare toothbrush or just using soft, slow circles when I brush. Um. OK. Now I'm afraid to brush my teeth. For reals.

3. Music. I'm so, so behind on The Voice but I liked this song in the blind auditions. He just has a cool style. I also heart this song.

4. I love this list of plant-based protein snacks! Even if the original recipe doesn't strike you - there's a lot of room for inspiration. Chia seed pudding? Chocolate-Avocado Milkshake? #YUM

5. My child has her first ballet recital next month. Cue all the feels. I picked out her white leotard for the recital and this is how she styled it.

6. Learn to Lift Weights And Love It. Jen Sinkler via Melissa Joulwan talks about how to increase confidence in the weight room. I like this part ~

"Plus, strength-training has a sneaky-cool way of expanding into your life outside the gym, boosting self-esteem, fighting insomnia, and reducing anxiety, to name a few."

7. This. I need.

8. Go longer between trims. I need to work on this, especially since I want my hair to GROW. Nevermind the fact that I thought about chopping it the other day. No, I'm pretty much always like um, it's been 6 weeks? What am I doing with my HAIR NEXT?! And riddle me this. Why on some days does it seem like my hair is actually shrinking. As in actively getting shorter. darn layers.

9. Last weekend Ryan did some handyman work for me around the house. Including hanging the "EAT" letters in the first pic. I really, really like it! Plus I like to eat, so there's that.

10. Today is my birthday. I plan on eating sweet things + a sister date. We did this last year too!

happy friday!


Josh and Shan said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Onto gum recession, just brush really slowly from now on, they say it helps. But I had to get a whole new mouth so what do I know =) And if you need a periodontist, let me know!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

wahooo Happy birthday! Hope it's a great one!

I LOVE lifting weights!!!!! ;)