Friday Faves

1. Welp. We've made it through yet another time change. I'm liking the extra daylight but my four year old summed it up best. "It's weird...it's just weird." She "accidentally" slept all night in her bed Sunday night and was thoroughly confused Monday morning when she heard Ryan - and it was still dark outside.

2. All this wet gloomy weather put me in a baking mood. Soooo chocolate chip gluten-free blondies with a secret ingredient. And they're surprisingly good, i.e., I've eaten half the pan. (I totally just googled the proper usage of "i.e." Hope I did it right.)

3. Speaking of blonde, I'm kind of over the dark hair. I know right - it's totally been five weeks. I figured it might go like that. Don't worry; I'm not switching back overnight. It's too $$. It'll be a gradual fading + addition of highlights back in. =) File that under #thingsnoonecaresabout

4. Have you seen this? Oh my gosh. I already liked the song but THIS? Where was Maroon 5 when I was getting married??! What a fun memory! I love it.

5. So, weather again. I am really ready for some regular sunshine and feel like I was starting to get in a funk. There's only so many days you can take. Enter>>> Natural and Safe Fatigue Fighters! I like this list of energy boosters, especially the mention of regular exercise at the end. Here's more along the same line.

6. Gilmore Girls Update. I'm almost through Season 4. Luke and Lorelai are just about to get together. FINALLY. Rory's at Yale. Lane's been replaced and Jess...Jess, where are you? Come backkkk.

7. I was planning to exercise yesterday but felt pretty tired when I got home from work. I ate a snack, set my alarm for a 30 minute snooze, and then slept for an hour and a half. Oops. I guess my body needed it though - it was one of those naps you wake up in a fog from. I can't remember the last time I napped like that!

8. Mandatory quote.

"Do hard stuff. Every single day. Do something that scares you, challenges you, makes you sweat, freaks you out. Growth requires persistence." ~ Christine Caine

9. 13 Ways Women Can be MORE, Not Less. Yes.

10. I'll be 32 in one week. I can't decide how I feel about that. 32 is still young right? My chiropractor said it's only 4 years from 28...so...sure. I'll go with that logic.

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Josh and Shan said...

I was in a funk too and then we had sunshine and I felt so much better! Bring on Spring please!!!

You're getting to the best parts of GG and you've made me start watching it from the beginning.....again =)