8:00 PM?

Almost March?

I don't care; pick one! All I know is I'm about to take my second Benedryl and head to bed. Being sick sucks. For real. I couldn't sleep from 3:30 on this morning because I COULDNT BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE. Guess what I finally succumbed to? That's right. Lorelai invites Luke over for movie night. It's a wonder I made it through the day. And oh yeah. Mucinex gives you/ME road rage, and lots of other rages. It makes me so mad I listen to songs at 45 instead of 30. Whatever that measurement is...the volume knob. You know. 



I wanted to write a Friday Faves post but I'm seriously about to nod off and I'm typing this from my phone. Yes, Blogger has an app! How cool. 

I felt the need to document today in some way. It feels kinda like a big deal but not yet. This could be the start of a new little adventure for me. More to come...

I decided something. (This has nothing to do with above new thing.) I like SALT. And I like BATHS. I add salt to food like I add hot water to my bathtub. Often, intermittently, and with a heavy hand. I told you, it's the drugs.

What else. I have gone off the Whole 30 rails and desperately need to get back on. Sugar! It wrecks me. I need to make a plan because I definitely noticed a difference just one month following the challenge.

What are your Thursday night plans? Hopefully more exciting than mine. Countdown to pillow in 3...2...1

WAIT!! I have one more rant. I'm over this weather. over. it. Let it go...Let it go...let Winter please GO! I want March. The month of spring, my birthday, and just all around better than February-ness. I already flipped my calendar. So it's done. 

I hereby cancel what remains of these dull dreary days. Here here. 


p.s. If you're a fan of medicine induced blogging, please comment below. I'll be sure to add it in the rotation. 


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