ice day

Karlyn sent Ryan off to work this morning with 3 Doc McStuffins band-aids and a pink cup filled with water to help melt the ice. :-)

And then...we did nothing. No showers. No cooking - other than breakfast. Pretty sure Karlyn had a chocolate chip granola bar for lunch with fruit snacks and deli meat on the side. I watched an undetermined number of Gilmore Girls episodes. She watched "pla doh" shows. We took a nap. I think I have a slight headache and my neck needs to be adjusted. We distracted daddy at work.

I did put two new pillows into shams + did a 20 minute yoga sesh. #gome

I don't feel that great if it makes it any better. Its been the epitome of a lazy day and I'm calling in dinner to round out the fun. I was reminded that The Voice starts back up tonight! I love that show, especially the first few when you get to hear the singer's stories.

I'm tossing around the thought of making the bed before my honey gets home and possibly washing my hair. Aim high; Dream high.

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