Friday Faves

My co-worker shared this with us and I thought it was pretty funny. BINGO anyone?!

1) Looking to improve your health? Take a walk!

The best way to improve your overall health may be as simple as joining a walking group. A review of 42 studies examined the physical and mental health effects of joining an outdoor walking group and found that among study participants, joining a walking group led to decreases in blood pressure, resting heart rate, depression, body fat, weight, and total cholesterol. Improvements in overall physical functioning and lung power were also noted by walkers. The findings suggest that healthcare providers should recommend patients join a walking group as a way to improve their overall health. 
British Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2015

2) "If God would make me like naps, I would...but, He didn't." ~ Karlyn. Who can argue with that logic?

3) Paleo. Vegan. Pegan? Read Dr. Mark Hyman's take on a healthy diet.

4) This Women's Beginner Strength Training Guide from Nia Shanks is no-nonsense simple. If you're new to weights, programming, the whole shebang, maybe start here.

5) Want a better day at work? I like these tips for bringing mindfulness to the office.

6) HEALTHY FRENCH FRIES. yes please.

7) A Reverse To Do List. Interesting! I'm not a huge list person but at times I think I should be. It would at least help me stay more on top of things - perhaps keep it on the fridge? #alwayseating

8) Does the news having you running panicked to the closest doctor's office in fear of measles? Read this first. And this. Or this.

We made this blueberry b-fast cake for Ryan for a special birthday treat. We all gave it 3 thumbs up! Karlyn had fun helping me make it and even though I had trouble getting it out of the pan, it was easy and delicious.

Happy Friday!

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