Warm Almond Milk. Plain.

I drank some warm, unsweetened vanilla almond milk + cinnamon when I got home today by the fire. As lovely as that sounds and as cozy as a filter makes it appear to be - it was plain. Warm, but plain.

I'm sitting under a blanket and have no desire to get out from under it although I have things to get done. Winter does that to you.

Ryan and I spent our Christmas gift card to Home Goods this weekend and bought a really pretty, flowery square wooden wall hanging. It's gray and I LOVE GRAY. Like love it. See a gray sweater at Target? Done. Gray pillows. Swoon. Gray is just so darn cozy and wonderful and my husband looks at me like I'm from a different planet when I say I want a room with everything gray. I had a gray hooded sweater in college that got fuzzy from over-use that I wore to 8:00 AM classes, too tired to try. It was a sad day when I misplaced it.

Sometimes I wish I could turn my mind off and not think about all the things, all the time. I wish I didn't love to reminisce. I wish I was more content. I wish I felt things a little less and was able to let them go when needed. I wish complements and conversation held less weight but my love language is words of affirmation. 

I want a brownie. Sweetened. And very un-plain.

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Andrea C. said...

I love gray so much too. Maybe a little to much since I have been trying to introduce a new color in my house for awhile now but just keep buying all things gray. You should do a little house tour once you hang everything up!