Comfort Food ~ Whole 30 Style

I've decided that part of the fun *yes I said fun* of doing a Whole 30 is trying new recipes. New veggies. New combinations. New flavors!

I stumbled across an article by Melissa Joulwan of "The Clothes Make The Girl" listing her most popular recipes of 2014. Intrigued, I scanned it Sunday morning and was immediately drawn to one called Comfort Noodles. I mean, who doesn't love comfort food? Plus I was 12 hours into a major pouting session over some disappointing news. I had all the ingredients and got right to work.

I PROMISE you need to try this recipe! It was so, SO, good. Like, licked the bowl good. Do yourself a favor and go buy a spiralizer (or veggie peeler), zucchini, and almond flour (you should already have the rest) and whip this up. Make extra.

Recipe here:

my first time making "zoodles!"

mmm, garlic.

runny eggs.


told ya.

I only had 1 zucchini and 2 eggs, so that's what I worked with. I will definitely make the full recipe next time. I totally felt like I was eating some rich, creamy pasta dish with salty bread crumbs. Which sounds weird - but oh so yum.

I can't wait to try more of Melissa's recipes. Like Mayo!

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ami@naivecookcooks said...

I have been wanting to try zoodles myself but everytime I feel scared!! Thanks for this recipe, these look too delicious!! Making them tomorrow!