You Might Be Doing a Whole30 If...

You use a quarter of a large Hass avocado and store the rest loosely in a paper towel in the work fridge. You forget to take it home but think, it's cool. I'll use it tomorrow on my Chipotle! #toomuchhealthyfattowaste

Grapes taste like candy.

Around day 15, you start wondering which foods you'll indulge in after it's over and then think, eh, probably nothing too crazy.

Eggs. #becauseeggs

You get excited. Yes, EXCITED when you successfully whip up a bowl of Paleo / Approved Whole 30 mayo. And you take pictures of it.

You put the mayo on pork chops because you're tired of eating pork chops.

It's a good day because you found Tuna without soy.

You consider eating Chipotle every day for lunch from Day 15 on because it makes you feel more... normal. Then you think, yeah, but I could MAKE THIS so much cheaper.

Dried Mango tastes like candy.

Dishes. Always.

You pay $12.99 for Justin's almond butter then shudder to think what your mother would say.

You wonder how you'll get through the next two weeks but by now it's a pride thing and there's no way you're quitting.

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