Friday Faves - January

Welp. January is upon us! Cold, wet, and dreary. But it's OK. I have a bright + cheery calender.

I love that message. Do what you love. Love what you do. And make it beautiful.

Other things I'm loving~

* I've kicked off my Whole 30. Today is Day 2! I've added a tab at the top of my blog called "Whole 30" if you'd like to follow my journey or gain inspiration for your own. I'll be updating daily.

*My GapFit pants. I know I mentioned them before but I seriously love them. Just socomfy. And they're on sale! I also got a scarf for Christmas similar to this one in black/gray that I don't want to take off.

*This song by Chris Jamison (of The Voice!) and Jessie J. I love how they sound together, the song, everything. I like the message of "I'm still working...perfectly incomplete" Why can't I sing? :-/

*This idea by one_fit_cookie (IG) She created a memories jar and spray painted it! I want to re-create this and steal her idea to write down funny, happy, or helpful memories throughout the year  and read them at the end.

*Target is killing me you guys. I bought a bathing suit. On December 31st. What the heck? To be fair, I was trying on workout clothes and spied one that someone had returned, thought it looked cute, and tried it on. Hey, I guess it's Summer motivation right? I also randomly **sometimes I stumble into the children's clearance section** found Karlyn's Easter dress yesterday. It's SO pretty! I love it.

What things are you loving right now? Tell me in the comments!

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Amanda said...

I'm loving that it is a new year - let's do this friend!

And also, I'm loving my new robe from Target that Brian and Mallory got me for Christmas. You wear your comfy pants to work and I'll wear my robe - let's work on getting that dress code in the handbook :)