A New Year

I figured I had two hours left to write the last blog post of 2014! I don't know how well I can reflect over the past year with a pound of rice sitting in my stomach but I'll try.

Karlyn had her first hibachi dining experience tonight and we had a really good time. You never know who you're going to sit by at those tables. :-) The waiter was even kind enough to accommodate my request for a gluten free meal. Fried Rice and Shrimp minus the soy sauce + miso soup and a California Roll. I'm stuffed!

2014 seems like it went by quickly. Kind of. Of course at the forefront of my memories is the fact that we lost two more babies. We had a chemical pregnancy confirmed on Mother's Day and a five week miscarriage confirmed just before Thanksgiving that never really took off. Both times we conceived using fertility drugs.

Ryan and I continued to work at our respective companies and feel blessed to have the jobs we've been given. God has provided for us through them so abundantly.

Karlyn moved up a class at "school" and her former teacher was just telling me the other day that she expects great things from her. We do too.

Dodger is still around, much to my chagrin. I love/hate that dog but he's OK. I let him continue to live here so there's that. He's a part of the fam I guess.


I don't know what 2015 holds. For the first time in several years, babies don't appear to be on the horizon. We don't have plans to pursue more fertility treatments and I feel mostly OK with that. My mind is mulling over other possible areas of growth. Pursuing my passions, study, growth, risks, certifications? I want to go to the beach and I don't really care which one. I want to lift weights and read books and play with Karlyn and go on dates with my husband. I want to see what God has in store for us and learn to truly walk with Him, with palms open. I want to be a blessing and help to others. I want to grow my hair out and take care of my cuticles and write more. I want to meditate and complete a Whole 30 and check my phone less.

I'm grateful for another year - the one behind us and the one to come and am hopeful and excited for the future. Thank you to those who read this blog!

Happy New Year! 

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Andrea C. said...

I want to grow my hair out and take care of my cuticles toooo!