Losing It

You know what's fun? Feeling out-of-your-mind-cranky crazy and not knowing if it's because you'll be told soon that you are "with child" OR simply because you're on extra progesterone and hcg (yes, the lovely pregnancy hormone) is already coursing through your body due to two different shots. That's fun.

Random thoughts:

*Why are people driving SO slow?

*Why do none of the stores carry a size 10 girls shoe?

*Why am I being so picky about size 10 girls shoes? Just buy some already.

*What is so hard about logging onto a website? "It says I don't exist." Possible replies:

  • Well then you really must not exist.
  • Are you typing it in EXACTLY as I instructed you to?

*Why does Amazon make you spend $35.00 on eligible products before you get free shipping? I spend half the darned day trying to find something to make up the difference just to have my original selection mailed to me free of charge. And so I can get my add-on items.

*Why does progesterone give me the most whacked out dreams all night long so that I wake up feeling exhausted and go through my day in a fog watching the clock? (Example of said fog: even though my car was headed in the right direction, I literally could not remember where The Children's Place store was located.)

*Why are you sending out a group text? #letmeout

*Why does this chic-fil-a taste better than it ever has before? And why didn't I order a medium fry?

I apologize if you have to deal with me today or over the next week. I wouldn't want to.

One more week. One more week. One more week.


katebradley said...

First, let me share that I continue to pray for you often! Hope you get the news you are longing for very soon. Second, it is really hard to find good, reasonably priced kids shoes. Maybe I'm too picky too.

Amanda said...

I typed in the password just like you said and it's not working!! HA - sorry! I know that doesn't make the day go any better but I love getting to work with you everyday!