The Plan

So today I was supposed to have a blood pregnancy test.

We did our first round this month using an hcg trigger shot and progesterone but skipped the Clomid. My RE's office schedules a pregnancy test for all their patients on what they consider an appropriate day. I didn't want to take it though because I knew I wasn't pregnant. I've been pregnant four times now and NOT pregnant a whole bunch of other times. I knew.

Anyways, did I mention that I really like my RE? I do. He's a cool guy and is supposed to be one of the best doctors in Dallas. I asked him if we could just skip the test and talk about next month instead. We discussed options, halfway through which he said, "Whatever makes you happy. I want to keep you happy." Smart man.

Sooo. The plan is to try Letrozole (Femara) this next time around. He likes it better than Clomid and I trust him. I really did fine with the Clomid back in April so I'm curious to see how I do on this one. We'll also do the hcg trigger again and of course lovely progesterone. I hate that stuff! It gives me the most whacked out dreams...all...night...long. And makes me super drowsy. Before I can start the Letrozole though they have to 100% confirm no pregnancy so I ended up getting stuck. Plus a sono to check for cysts. In the clear there.

I thought I was going to be pretty bummed about today's appointment but I actually left hopeful and with a plan.

Yay! More hormones! :-0 I wish we would have just gone ahead and done the Letrozole this first month too but oh well. I've stopped doing the acupuncture for now because doctor visits and injections start to get pretty pricey. I miss it for sure but have decided to go this route for now. I guess in the end I'm just trading one needle for another right?

Yeah. So if you see me in the near future crying, stuffing my face, or falling asleep at my desk, let's just blame it on the meds OK?


The Young's said...

Hi Kati! I'm hopeful and excited for you all! We will be praying during this process- that it's not too difficult to manage or deal with the side effects. And ultimately that you would be blessed with a sweet baby! Love you!!

Ashley Zercher said...

Always praying for you! So happy to see a smile on your face :)

Jennifer Ashley said...

Yes I blame everything on the hormones! Good luck sweetie, I'm so glad you have a plan. I have a good feeling about this next cycle!!!

Andrea C. said...

Still praying for you guys!!!