Today has pretty much sucked. And that's the edited version.

I decided to be respectable though and not post my sentiments to Facebook or Twitter.

I don't even know where to start, without sounding like a broken record.

My brain is on a constant loop. Always.

Job. Goals. Babies.

Job. Goals. Babies.


I feel like they're all fighting against each other in one way or another. That pursuing one is costing me the other. That ending that pursuit leaves me lifeless.

I should stick with the acupuncture and really give it a chance to work. 

Well, a lot of people have to use it in conjunction with fertility treatments. 

What if the monitored cycle doesn't work?

What if it does?

How the heck are we supposed to know when and what to do?

Seriously. Every single person is pregnant right now. Including Kate Middleton and my hairdresser.

I've taken a big break from the gym and I miss that too. I think I lost of a lot of the progress I'd made. But it's hard for me to reconcile barbell squats and baby making. There are varying opinions on exercise and trying to conceive so...yeah. Not sure what to do there either. Doing light workouts is just kind of foreign to me and feels weird. Even though I have enjoyed some walking and yoga lately.

I really want to pick a nutrition certification and get started there but I keep pushing that into 2015.

On top of all of it, I feel like I lost a really good friend. And that hurts.



Jennifer Ashley said...

Sorry hun, yesterday sucked for me as well. I understand how you feel, we've all had those days. You're allowed to question yourself and every decision you've ever made. Just make sure you pick yourself back up and never give up hope! You are one strong woman :) Hang in there, sending you lots and lots of hugs!!!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

You are not alone while you wait! There are lots of people waiting with you!! Keep believing friend!