Half Tea - Half Yuck

When I was pregnant with Karlyn I made a little habit of ordering a half tea - half lemonade at Chic-fil-a. I'd take a quick car nap, order a drink, and be good to go for the afternoon. Today that sounded good (no I'm not pregnant.) I don't know what the girl put in my cup though because the only thing it tasted like was watered down tea with the tiniest hint of lemon. Blech. I drank it anyways. I almost went back in and asked her to re-make it but if you've been to our Chic-fil-a you know the craziness that exists at lunchtime. I'll have to try again soon because that is NOT how I remember them tasting.

Karlyn and I are headed to a new doctor tomorrow - a geneticist. After I was told I had the MTHFR mutation, I knew I would eventually want to get her tested. We now know that both of my parents have one mutation and at least one of my siblings does too. After everything I've gone through health-wise, I can't help but want to be proactive when it comes to my daughter. If she doesn't have it, great! If she does, and we get her started on folate and other supplements early, all the better. It would also clue me in on things to watch for as she gets older, that I experienced. She won't actually be tested tomorrow; we have to go through an evaluation first. Part of that meant I got to fill out a genetic medical family history form that looked like some kind of scary college exam. 

"If you are the parent, write your name here and circle it. Write the initials of all relatives along with a dash and the corresponding number from above to designate the specific health issue." I think I had to read it five times before I got started. I'm hoping the doctor is nice and that our visit goes well. I found it interesting on the opening cover page of our forms that he also sees adults for reproductive/fertility issues. I might just have a few questions of my own!

I'm hoping to post something fun soon...uh, if you consider natural body care fun. With a possible giveaway. Stay tuned...  :-)

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