10 Lessons from a #sickday

...hashtag style

1. You can and should look forward to your 40's. Jennifer Aniston said so on the Today show. #itjustkeepsgettingbetter

2. Blue Gatorade is your go-to beverage. It's the only thing that will sound remotely good for 24 hours. #chugchug #thankyoumotherinlaw

3. Gilmore Girls is just as good as it ever was. Watch two episodes for optimal benefit. #Rory #Lorelai #StarsHollow

4. Find the comfiest chair to sit in for your sick day. Gather and assemble a various assortment of pillows and a heating pad. #youllneeditlater

5. Should you ever find yourself awakened in a hospital to Channing Tatum telling you you're married <to each other> just roll with it. Do not make the guy beg and do NOT go home to live with your parents. #TheVow

6. Doze off a couple of times throughout the day. You need your rest. And it will help pass the time. #zzzzzzzzzz

7. Your back is going to start hurting from slouching all day/not moving. Use the heating pad. #onlow

8. Don't browse Instagram. All the paleo/gluten-free foodie pics will only make you feel more nauseous. #yum

9. By the end of the day, you will loathe watching television, though at first it seemed like quite the dream. You will long to do anything else but your body will demand that you stay put. Rearrange the pillows and #obey.

10. Your fever will break. You'll take a much needed shower. Life will go on. But stock up on blue Gatorade because you now prefer it to water. #naturalandartificialflavor #blue1

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Amanda said...

Glad you are feeling better! Hope you feel well enough to enjoy the weekend and the blue Gatorade :)