Wedding Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! The only thing better than going to your own wedding is watching one of your siblings get married. We started off with a Saturday morning girls brunch at which Karlyn refused to speak to or look at anyone until after she'd eaten. I got to meet more of Kristen's family and we ate at the cutest little tea room. They even had gluten-free pancakes! Score.

Adding another "K!"

Next it was time to rehearse or "practice" as we kept telling the kids. They all had so much fun running around together! The wedding venue was absolutely gorgeous with tons of natural light. It was the perfect spot.

Then it was time for lunch! My mom reserved a room at Anamia's and the food was excellent. Friends and family gave speeches and Kollin and Kristen played a fun game where they each held a shoe - one from him, one from her - and raised it up to answer questions like, "Who's going to call mom first after a fight? Who's going to do most of the cleaning?" :> We got a sibling pic!


It started off COLD!! We met at the hotel and took some family pics that I cannot WAIT to see. The photographers did a great job of grouping us together and getting it done. Karlyn found Sprout TV on inside the hotel lobby and scored a cup of apple juice so she was happy as could be. I kept telling Ryan my goal for the day was to keep her happy. Happy = walking down the aisle. Hopefully. We did have a cute moment before we even left the house that morning. I decided to try and curl her hair a little which I'd never done before. She saw me walking towards her bathroom with the iron and a comb in my hands and in a nervous voice said, "um, is that for me or for you?" I said it was for her and that it wouldn't hurt. I was proud of myself. I got the ends curled under quickly, no one was burnt in the process, and it stayed all day.

Time passed pretty quickly, more pictures were taken, and before we knew it guests were arriving. The sun started to peek out and nobody had lost the rings. Things were looking good. :-) Ryan and I sat down and left Karlyn in the back with the wedding party hoping she would be ok and not have a meltdown. The music started and it was a simply beautiful ceremony.

Kollin and Kristen wrote their own vows and of course my brother had to start his off with a Michael Scott quote. Both of them did an amazing job writing them though. I'm so thankful that God brought them together! Enjoy the pictures!

The Beautiful Bride

My two adorable dinner dates

Congrats Kollin & Kristen!!! We love you!

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Amanda said...

I love all these pictures! Beautiful wedding!