Getting ready...

My fertility cleanse came! I was checking the shipment tracking on Monday morning and it said it had been delivered. I ran to the front front porch and there it was. :) How geeked out is it that I'm excited about this cleanse? Such is my life.

I would probably begin Sunday but since that's the big WEDDING DAY, I'm planning to start Monday. There are two different phases to the cleanse so you take half of the products for one phase and half for the other. Approximately. I watched a You Tube video today by a girl who used the cleanse and it was pretty neat. She had great success with it! So we'll see. I've read that there can kind of be some detox symptoms like headaches or extra tiredness so I'm anxious to see how I do on it. I'm planning on trying to take it easy while I "cleanse" but also fitting in some regular sweat sessions.

Other Stuff.

*I love this post Diana wrote today. So good. 

*I can't believe my brother is getting married! Yay.

*Blondes have more fun right? I don't believe that but I did go blonde-r today.

*I keep watching the weather for Sunday. I'm proposing no rain. Can we do that?

*We had asparagus with dinner tonight. I'm embarrassed to admit that I never buy it fresh. It was SO GOOD. I'm going back for more at $0.99/lb.

*TGIF tomorrow right? These weeks are flying by.

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