Happy December!

It's December ya'll! Happy things happen in December.


2. My sweet girl has a birthday. I can't believe she's turning three! And, we're having her party at the new place. Yes, we will finally have enough seating for more than six people. #ThankYouWeirsFurniture

3. Christmas! I'm so glad we're getting to move in before our original closing date of 12/20. 

I don't need to kid myself though. I know it's going to be a lot of work getting all our things out of storage and loading them, unpacking them, and putting them away. But I'm hoping excitement and adrenaline will carry us through. Yay moving week!


I was honestly kind of surprised to see that December 1st was today. Being off work since last Wednesday has me all confused but I'm actually ready to be back at work. I think. Unless tomorrow is some kind of crazy, spastic Monday. In that case, I'm not ready. It's a short work week for me though so I need to be super productive.

Did you go Black Friday shopping? I went on Saturday! Kohl's was doing $15 Kohl's cash for every $50 spent and their purses were all half off! Not that I bought one or anything. One gift for you, one gift for me.

I also did something I'd never done before at Ulta. I let one of their beauty people help me try out some new foundation. I've always stuck to tinted moisturizers because I don't like heavy foundation or a thick feel. I've been using this makeup that I discovered through Birchbox for months now (and love it!) but I knew I was close to running out and wasn't sure I wanted the same thing. I told the sales lady what I was looking for and showed her my current choice. After trying a couple different ones on, we landed on this. I didn't even know Calvin Klein did makeup. I used it this morning though and I think I like! It's super light and is a serum, primer, and makeup in one. Bonus that I don't have to use a separate moisturizer. I think it's going to last a while too because like the Jouer, it doesn't take much.


Tonight Kar and I headed to our friend Asher's third birthday. The kiddos had fun eating pizza and playing games at Chuck-e-Cheese. Below is the pic of these two from last year and then this year. Time flies! And so stinkin cute. Happy Birthday Asher man!

ha! They're both wearing red and blue again. :>


Amanda said...

Yay for December and your new home! I cannot wait to see it!!

Josh and Shan said...

Ha! I was sucked into asking the Ulta lady about foundation and left with the CK stuff too!