Hot Lemonade

I mentioned that I've had a sore throat and to me that's one of the most irritating things! I've been taking extra vitamins and sucking on lozenges but last night I decided to whip up something a mom friend had suggested: 


It was so good! All I did was boil 4 cups of water in a kettle and add several squirts of honey. I didn't measure. Then I halved a lemon, squeezed all the juice out, and plopped the lemon itself into the water. Gave it a stir and poured a mug.


Very soothing, very yummy. And sweet! If you're suffering from drainage and a sore throat, whip some up. It's DE-lightful. :>

Also. I want a kettle. In a pretty color. There's something about them that makes heating up water so much more fun than boiling it a plain old silver pot. Maybe this one? #DearSanta...

p.s. I updated my "About" page! Check it out. :>

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