Thump, Thud, Crash

My child fell down the stairs.

I'm surprised it hasn't happened before now but not as surprised as when I heard the thumpity-thud of her almost-three year old body rolling down the stairs. We had both been upstairs together when I heard it and realized she'd gone down. My immediate thought? I would find her at the bottom of the stairs unconscious. :-0 I know, I know. But I just didn't know what to expect. 

My father-in-law, mother-in-law, Ryan, and I all rushed over to the stairs at the same time with Ryan's dad getting there first. I think he stopped her before she got to the bottom and THANK THE LORD she was just fine. No bumps. No bruises. Only a little crying. But give a mom a heart attack!

now that we know my child is ok...

Let's talk purses. What do you like? I've been carrying a grey suede-ish bag for the past few winters and it's super roomy / I can't find anything inside because it all falls to the bottom. I like it but am a bit tired of it.

Then I got this cross-body purse at Kohl's the other day for 50% off. I liked it immediately but can't decide now. I do like it but I kind of want something bigger...maybe. BUT small is nice because it forces you to condense, you find things (lots of pockets!) and it's less wear and tear on the shoulder. Over-analyze much?

So. yeah. Then tonight I find out that Charming Charlie is online. Yeesh. They have cute purses. What's a girl to do?

Hey! Jenna at Eat, Live, Run is hosting a giveaway for one more day. You can enter to win a Birchbox Limited Edition Snow Day Box. Complete with cute socks and travel Scrabble.

One more day of work for me tomorrow and then we close on Thursday.   Woo.   Hoo.

I'm so glad the weather is going to cooperate too. Icy? Cold? Drizzle? Bring it.

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