Crafty Craft: T-Shirt to Workout Tank

So...Ryan and I have been trying to organize our clothes and get our closet and drawers all arranged. In the process, I gathered up all my t-shirts for a little project I'd been eyeing. 

T-Shirt turned Workout Tank

It took me an hour to make one last night but in the end, I decided it was good enough for the gym. It was kinda fun! And I plan on making a few more. I used the tutorial off this site. I think better scissors would help (read: not Dollar General) so maybe I'll invest in some. Ryan was giving his input but that can't be 100% trusted while football is also on. (Read: while the Cowboys lost).

Excuse the toilet please.

Looking forward to hitting the GYM today but I don't think I'll be selling these on Etsy anytime soon. :>

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