Post-Turkey Day Ramblings

I'm kind of bored. Or restless. I have trouble relaxing for extended periods of time because I feel like I should be "doing" something. Ya know, productive. I've been off since Wednesday and we still have the whole weekend ahead of us. I know I'm weird....but part of the problem is that I just keep thinking about all I could be doing if we had keys to our house! Seriously. Moving in, laying down shelf paper. Organizing. But all that has to wait until next Thursday. It's like the closer it gets, the further away it feels and time does this long slow waltz where the days feel 70 hours long. dramatic?

Adding to that is the fun Karlyn and I have had being sick. Tuesday morning she woke up with crusty eyes (ew) and of course I immediately thought pink eye. Wednesday morning they were much worse so off to the pediatrician we went. Yep. Both eyes. And some viral nose gunk (ew again). Pretty much right after we left the doctor she started coughing and the cough only got worse. Queue MY throat starting to hurt and we were scheduled to do our house walk-through that afternoon. She was miserable and only wanted to be held and I was trying to ignore the knife in my throat I felt when swallowing as Mark, our builder talked us through some paperwork and new home-owner info. We got to walk around the house sticking little blue pieces of painter tape everywhere we saw a spot that needed touch-up. Then we found a broken pipe up in the attic so the plumber was immediately called. Everything needs to check out perfect before we close on Thursday. I had really been looking forward to the walk-through but kinda felt like death during it. Oh well.

I rested and gathered all my strength for us to head over to my parents and hang out with my family for food and games. My throat still hurt and Karlyn couldn't quit coughing and actually got so choked up she puked a little while I was in the store getting her some medicine. Yet the child managed to mostly get it on her clothes and not the carseat. Love her.

Fast-forward to a very long night of all of us waking up, more coughing and more meds and I woke up zapped on Thanksgiving morning. Karlyn mostly laid around napping or watching tv and all she would eat was green bean casserole. I managed to stuff myself fill my plate. #GlutenFreePecanPie

Oh! I did do something productive. I ordered myself a Shutterfly 2014 calendar using pics from our photo session! I think it turned out really cute. :) 

Little miss woke up around 4:00 this morning...coughing...so I hopped on my phone for a sec and the next thing ya know, I was checking out the deals. I hit up Jane and Gap and that was it. I got these to toodle around the new house in. I've also been shopping for online canvas deals and have narrowed it down to this site or this one

I think we're setting up Christmas decorations later and eating leftovers. I should probably exercise. You know how they say if you don't buy it, you can't eat it? I need to not buy this. Because I definitely can't stop eating it.

What about you? Did you eat lots of turkey? Do you LOVE doing nothing?! Give me tips.

Have you had a great canvas buying experience? I want great quality, some type of product guarantee, the size I need, AND a good price. not picky

The end. I told you I was bored.

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