Family Pictures

I've wanted to take family pictures for so. long. But we just haven't. Stuff has kept us otherwise occupied and Ryan's not the biggest fan of having his picture taken. But, by my most recent survey, I know I'm not the only one whose husband feels this way!

We're moving into a new house which means a new mantel. And I wanted a family picture above that mantel. Ryan complained a little and then finally after much dragging, coercing, and threatening, went along with it. These are precious days and priceless moments. And it's so fun to have them captured.

I went back and forth on what we would wear, but in the end I was happy with my choice. It had been really cold earlier in the week but then warmer air set in so I switched it all up last minute. Brighter colors. :)

**Special thanks to Lacy for taking these for us! She was super to work with and made us feel very at ease. Check her out here!

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Amanda said...

These are all so great!!