Pumpkin Patch ~ Texas Style

Seriously. Texas is ridiculous. It's October 12th and 86 degrees. Never the less, we headed out to a local spot where pumpkins, a hayride, and farm animals awaited. 

It wasn't quite what I had envisioned but we still had a good time. Karlyn had been really excited to "feed the ammimals" but she was a little too scared once they were up close and personal...on the other side of the pen! First though, we had to see how tall daddy was and take a family shot. Before I melted sweated to death.

There were goats, sheep, and longhorn and the first two greedily gobbled up the food. They were slobbery critters and even though I'm anti-hand sanitizer most of the time, I gladly accepted some after washing off with a water bottle. After the hayride, Karlyn acted liked she wanted to try to feed them again but I couldn't get an action shot. Still cute though!

Kar loved holding the cup of food and carried it everywhere. Nona came with us too and this girl loves her Nona! She kept asking to be held and Nona sweetly obliged, even though it was hot. Did I mention that already?

Why do pumpkins make for such cute photos ops? I will say it's probably easier to photograph a baby at the patch than an almost 3 year old. Why? Because you plop a little one down and they're stuck there. Toddlers can say NO and walk away. :-)

She had a thing for the white ones. :>

And for fun...!

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2011

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Amanda said...

Sorry it was so hot! Oh Toddlers and trying to take pics - fun fun! Looks like she had fun though!