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Happy November!

Can you believe that? I feel like we just had Christmas. Time is flying. But not.

I need to play catch-up a little. We moved! Into my in-law's house. We've taken over the upstairs, temporarily. That's because we're moving AGAIN in five weeks. Into...

OUR NEW HOUSE! I am SO excited about it and can't wait to be in it. Back in June we started thinking about all this. We had originally planned to wait until next Summer to try and move but it seemed like houses were flying off the market and we had been eyeing a particular neighborhood in the area. It turned out there were only two lots left so I poked Ryan in the ribs and said, "Listen. We need to act now!" We put down money on a lot and here we are. We worked for the next few months getting our house ready to sell, making small repairs, painting, shining things up. Then after several showings using a smaller website, we had an offer four days after listing with MLS. There were papers to sign and boxes to pack and on September 29th, we said good-bye to our very first house. 

It was a somber day for me and not just because we were leaving the walls we'd spent the last six years inside. September 29th was my due date. I should have been bringing a baby home but instead I was leaving. 

Things at the new house have been humming along! The lady who we've worked with on all the details tells us that our house is the builder's favorite one to build. But I wonder if she tells everyone that. :) She's been great and we did the whole, pick out flooring, tile, granite thing at the design center too. We got to choose just enough things to make it fun but not too much where it was overwhelming. Our old house, Ryan's parents house, and the new place are all within the same vicinity which has made it really nice and easy to run over and check on things. Progress pic of the kitchen!

We're so grateful that Ryan's parents have taken us in. Not only are we able to save some money but we also avoided having to find an apartment. I appreciate them SO much. Thank you, Thank you!

I'm looking forward to more room. Space to spread out. Plumbing that isn't 20 years old and a lot less landscaping to keep up with. Bigger and more closets! Storage space. An attic, minus varmints.  :-0

Even though this year has been hard and trying and stressful and sad, the new house is a bright spot. I know if we hadn't loss the baby, we wouldn't have moved. We wouldn't be doing this.

I'm ready to move. A new start. New memories. Just new. 

We're thankful.

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Andrea C. said...

It's beautiful! A new home to create new wonderful memories!