What To Wear Wednesday

So I attempted to copy a Pinterest look I'd seen that actually came off this site. It's comfy! I'm a little unsure of how to dress Karlyn these days since we wake up to 50/60 degree weather and end up in the 80's. She's got some cute fall clothes tucked away but it's not quite time for corduroy and long sleeves. Today she had leggings like mommy!

What we wore~

Kati: Stretchy striped top (Jane), Leggings (Target) Blue sheer top (Target - clearance!) Sandals (Kohl's - clearance!)

Karlyn: T-Shirt (Walmart), Denim heart skirt (Old Navy), Lace Leggings (Target), Sandals (Kid-to-Kid) 

Of course, on par for the week, there were no smiles. Such is life with a 2 year old! Daddy dressed up today too for picture day. Ha. He's having his photo taken at work for his profile. :-)

Happy Wednesday! 

*excuse the poor-quality, rushed iPhone photos :>

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katebradley said...

Cute! When I saw your tank top I thought "Oh! I've seen that on Very Jane!" And I agree about dressing toddlers for fall. Right now I'm usually putting Eva in a dress with leggings and a sweater in the morning and then can take off layers throughout the day. It solves the problem of her having outgrown some summer clothes but not being ready for warmer fall clothes.