SUGAR DETOX. Starts tomorrow!

I eat a fairly healthy diet. I've removed gluten due to health issues (more on that later). 

I love fruits and vegetables. But I eat too much sugar. I blame my mother for this! ha. Just kidding mom. She knows I probably inherited my sweet tooth from her. Jim Gaffigan questions the whole sweet tooth theory...

"Oh, you're ordering that for your tooth? How nice. Because it's going straight to your butt."  *paraphrase ;)

While being gluten-free does greatly reduce the number of tempting dessert choices around me, it doesn't eliminate them. But you don't have to eliminate sugar to feel better. Reducing the amount of added sugar in your diet has all sorts of health benefits and I know I feel better when I do.

It's so hard though! You know when the easiest time to talk about quitting sugar is? WHILE YOU'RE STILL EATING SUGAR.

I definitely had some GF chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and ice cream. I just want to do a short sugar "re-set" to see if I notice positive change.

What other foods have added sugar? Barbecue sauce, salad dressing, cereal (my one true love!)

Anyhoo, anybody want to join me? I need encouragement and accountability! I still haven't decided on the exact parameters. I'm thinking of substitutes...

  • fruit
  • unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon
  • frozen bananas blended with chocolate protein powder
  • cooked apples with cinnamon and coconut oil
At work, we have a little community basket of chocolates and I love the dark kind. Dark chocolate has health benefits! But I think I'm going to say none for a week at least, and then maybe just 1 if I dearly and desperately need some.

If you want to join me, just comment below! Maybe we'll make up the rules as we go. :>

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Amanda said...

Does that mean you won't even eat some of the chocolate on Kendra's desk?? Just one is ok :)