My funny little drama queen

Um, detox day 1? I already want sugar. This is going to be fun.

Ya'll. I seriously do not know what is going on with my toddler. She'll be three in December. I've been warned about three. I'm not a fan of the whole "terrible two" phrase and I don't feel like we went through that. I have LOVED two! I love my daughter. But lately, something is up.

It's like one minute she's fine, playing, whatever and then the next her entire world has come to an end. It could be bath time (she doesn't want to take a bath...she wanted to pick our her own washcloth) or Ryan used the wrong comb on her hair. Or any number of things. I wouldn't even call it a tantrum or a fit. It's just like she's really upset and super sad over what just happened. Or didn't happen.

Is this "little girl - I'm two and my emotions are crazy" stuff? I mean, I'm expecting all this later, around twelve, but this has caught me off guard. I don't even know what to do! I try to calm her down, explain what's going to happen, correct her if needed. Maybe it's a little self-will? She's never been a fit-thrower and she's never really even been a huge crier. (unless my mommy brain has sweetly forgotten it)

I'm open to advice from anyone who's been there!

Having said all that, she seriously is the most funny little girl. Saturday night Ryan wanted a shake from Sonic. I asked him what kind, to which he replied, "Chocolate Banana." I kid you not...Karlyn pipes up:

"Chocolate banana?! That's your mother's shake!"

LOL. It was hysterical. I don't think she even knew what she was saying. Those specific words just happened to spill out in that order.

I gave her some of the shake once I got home and after a few slurps, she goes, "Smooooth."

Last but not least she watched the Nascar race with Ryan but I had decided to go to bed. I hear a little two-year-old voice chanting from the other side of the door...

"Come on Newman! Come on Newman!"

She's too much.

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Amanda said...

Love Karlyn's sayings! And I'm hoping it's just a phase and not something all almost 3 year olds go through. I can barely handle a 2 year old :)