Planes and Bears and Fun, Oh My!

Karlyn and I had a mommy/daughter date last weekend and she got to experience two "firsts." Her very first movie theater experience AND her first trip to Build-A-Bear! In retrospect, I should have waited for a more girly, princess-y type movie but we saw "Planes." I brought snacks which she ate in the first ten minutes and from then on for the next hour I was pretty much trying to keep her occupied, interested, and seated which involved letting her wear my necklace. I also let her sit in my lap which I thought was sweet. :-) I know that won't last forever!

Finally she said she needed to go potty so we went outside and wouldn't you know it, she didn't really need to go. :-0 I tried to get her to go back inside and just sit near the bottom but loud protests and the beginning of tears meant our movie was over. She told me later, "I don't like that planes movie." To be honest, it was kind of boring. Oh well! We'll try again.

Our next stop was Build-A-Bear! Karlyn had gotten a gift card for Christmas so I thought today was the perfect day. We went inside and immediately started perusing the bears. She said, "I like that pink one." Well, I should have gone with it because in the time it took for me to say, "um, what about these brown bears?" the child had time to look and find the craziest, most colorful bear in the store. That's the one she wanted. 

We took the bear down to be stuffed after first picking out a sound. Thankfully I talked her out of "call me maybe" (what?! why is that a choice?) and we chose the classic giggle. You also get to pick out a little red heart that gets sewn into your bear.

After rainbow bear (my brilliant name idea) was filled with fluff, we walked down to give her a quick air bath and then it was time to pick out clothes! 


After registering Rainbow and noticing she had purple eyes --> her fave color! we paid for our clothes and headed home. I had to drag her away from the computers but we were both more than a little tired.

Once we got home it was time to dress our bear and get the full experience. Even though this bear is some kind of crazy looking, I'm glad she picked it. It's cute. =)


You better believe she had to sleep with us that night. ;-) I'm so thankful for a fun date with my daughter and I look forward to many more.


The Killough's said...

I can't wait to take Zoey to Build A Bear!

Kati said...

She'll love it! It really is a cute store. :>