Summer Stuff

I figured today would be a good day to break my blog hiatus. "As my daughter would say, "I's missing you."

I keep blogging mentally in my head but nothing ever gets written, and it seems the longer you go without doing something, the easier it becomes being OK with not doing it. At least for me. It's the same with working out. I told Ryan I have just completely lost my mojo as far as workouts. I am SO not motivated to get up to the gym. Some days, even lacing up my shoes for a walk outside seems overwhelming. Not in an "I'm depressed" sort of way, but in an, eh, what's the point way. I really feel like it has to do with the miscarriages. They just kinda blew the steam out of me and nothing else seemed to really matter like it used to. I KNOW I need to work out and I feel better when I do but I haven't made it a priority. I'm working on changing that, starting this month. I went up there Thursday night and today, this afternoon. I did 10 minutes on the elliptical both times and then about 20 minutes of weights. It's a start and hopefully I'll gain some enthusiastic momentum. I even have a secret plan to reward myself for "x" number of gym days...new workout shoes! BRIGHT, COLORFUL ONES.

What else is new?

Well...I changed my hours at work. Again! I'm working 30 hours now which is considered full time at my company. That means I get vacation and sick time plus our regularly paid days off. Sweet. I'm back in my role of account administrator that I used to do and I'm enjoying it. It comes a little more naturally than some other things I've done there so I'm happy to be back at it. And I get to work with my friend Amanda now. :)

Ryan is working away as always and just returned from a trip to KS for an annual tax conference. I know, right? Jealous. Somehow I survived as a single parent but I DO NOT enjoy it for extended periods. We did have some good girl time though. :>

We've been busy working on our house, just little and big improvements here and there and it's all stuff we should have done long ago. We're enjoying the updates even though they tend to monopolize weekends.

Karlyn is TWO AND A HALF ya'll. As of June. Craziness. I feel like she has changed so much just since her 2nd birthday. She keeps talking up a storm and says the most hilarious stuff. (I know I say that every post but it's true.) She has fun with her friends at school and has gotten to spend some time with Nona, Grandmother, and Aunt Karoline lately. Even spending the night! <--

Here are some pics from this morning before church. I love her dress! And it was so funny. She looked in the mirror after I did her hair, grinned at her appearance, and said, "Sometimes I get married." Ryan was like, um, hold up!

We're enjoying Summer, as much as it pains me to say that. :) 

I bought a pool so that's helping!


Amanda said...

I love Karlyn's dress and I love working with you!! Maybe one day I'll learn all that I'm supposed to :)

Andrea C. said...

The 'sometimes I get married' comment is PRICELESS! You'll have to tell that story at her rehearsal dinner one day. Oh, and I can't tell you how many blog posts I've written 'mentally' while laying in bed at night.... Welcome back. :)