Princess Nightgown

I'm on cuteness overload right now. I saw this nightgown at Kid-to-Kid today and knew Karlyn had to have it. This is her first big girl nightgown!

And it's purple too! Her favorite color. Ya'll, this girl just blows me away. Every day. She CRACKS us up constantly with what she says.

Right now she is on a short hair kick. We don't know if someone at her school said something about short hair to her but every night in the tub she grabs her wet hair and says, " I want short hair...like this." I told her our hair girl's name is Amy so she says, "I want Amy to cut my hair short."

Tonight was so sweet though. Her little two-and-a-half year old voice says, 

"Mommy, is your hair short?"


"I want short hair like yours."


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