That day I bought shoes

Sometimes I'm spontaneous. And impulsive.

Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to work out for "X" number of days and reward myself with cool new shoes but then I decide I need new shoes now, so I go try them on right after work even though I'm wearing a dress.

I'm cool like that.

Sometimes you gotta follow your heart urge. And my urge was telling me I would have far more productive/FUN workouts with new shoes.

The sales guy was super helpful and after I explained what I was looking for (NOT a pure running shoe but more of a light cross-trainer) he watched me walk and then pulled out a few pairs for me to try on. Amazingly enough, it only took about thirty minutes and five-ish pairs to decide what I wanted. Eek!

I was leaving the area but saw a store called "Natural Grocers" that a friend had recommended so I thought I might as well stop in. It was a nice sized health food store essentially and I picked up several items.

protein powder-macaroons-bean burrito-protein bars-tortillas-cereal

Karlyn and I sampled a macaroon and while I thought they were really yummy, she wasn't convinced. I think it was the coconut texture. I had heard of the "Hail Merry" brand before and Natural Grocers had more of their products that I'd love to try! Check out the ingredients~ NOM NOM.

I guess I should show you the shoes huh?! I really like 'em and today I broke them in with their first gym workout. They did well. :>

A bit LOUD aren't they? =) That's what I wanted though so they fit the bill. They're actually the same brand of the last shoes I bought - Saucony. I know some people might think it's silly to get fitted for gym shoes but since I have the highest arches known to man and I want to make sure I'm getting exactly what I want/need for the money I'm going to pay, it makes sense. Jeans shopping and shoe shopping...I take both seriously.

Today was August workout #3 for me. It felt good.

Here's to keepin' on!

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