Pray with Me

I could write today about our weekend, or cute things Karlyn is saying, or what I worked on at the gym... But that all seems kinda lame. Instead, I want to ask you to pray.

Please, please pray for Diana. And Kaden. And their family, her husband and daughter.

I started reading Hormonal Imbalances a few months ago and cried and wept as I went back and read the story of this sweet family losing their twins, Preston and Julian, halfway through the pregnancy. It was crushing to read so I can't imagine what it was like to go through. 

I followed her blog through this most recent pregnancy, and now Kaden, her little boy needs a miracle.

You can read her request for prayer here. I am praying that this precious boy pulls through and receives miraculous healing, and a transplant if needed.

Will you pray with me?


Haley said...

breaks my heart. I work in the pediatric ICU on the heart side and we deal with tons of babies born with congenital heart defects. It's so sad to watch people go through these things.

Andrea C. said...

Praying....it's so hard to hear about these precious little babies hurting.