Conversations and Quinoa

These are conversations one might have overheard at our house last night:

Me: "We're having Quinoa."

Karlyn: "Keenya? I don't like keenya."

Ryan: "What's that?"

Me: "Quinoa. And don't even say anything. You're trying it."

Me: "...Do you like it?"

Ryan: "I could maybe have this once a month."

Karlyn: "I wanna snack."

Me: "You can have a banana, yogurt, or applesauce."

Karlyn: "Orrr...how bout candy?"

Ryan: "Go ahead and call me, call me, call me..."

Me: "Please let Luke Bryan sing his song..."


It's pronounced "KEEN-WA" for the record

I liked it. I think I've made it before, a long time ago. Quinoa is a gluten-free grass-like seed that contains all 9 essential amino acids. It cooked up super-fast! I used half water/half broth and added chopped up broccoli, onion, and minced garlic + salt and pepper. I agree with Ryan that I probably wouldn't eat this all the time but once a week is doable. I'm thinking there are tons of variations depending on what you add to it. Ryan said it tasted like ground-up corn? I thought it resembled rice. Kind of.

Don't worry. I don't eat grass-like seeds all the time. I ate this before my workout yesterday. BECAUSE I was at Kid-to-Kid and Culver's is right there. And it was 5,000 degrees outside.


We watched the Country Music Festival last night...all three hours of it but luckily fast-forwarded through most of the commercials. Every song was awesome! I could have done with less hair swinging from Taylor Swift during "the highway don't care" but it was funny because I looked down and saw Karlyn bobbing her head back and forth. So cute.

She kept asking us during the show if we "wanted to go camping." The campgrounds were just in her room though. Ryan asked if we could go camping in the living room. I think she picks up these ideas from Dora. Sooo, no more Dora. JK.


Update on baby Kaden. I've been following Diana on her facebook page. They are still at Children's in Dallas and while they have seen a little improvement from his heart, it is looking like a transplant will be necessary. They got approved by their insurance for that which is good.

It just hit me on the way home and I had to fight back tears. She wrote another update explaining that while this transplant is needed, it is not what they would have chosen. Obviously. Someone else will have to lose their child in order for Kaden to live. That is unbelievably tough. I can't imagine.

Please continue to pray that God wraps His arms tight around this family and that they feel His presence deeply. I pray that Diana doesn't have to lose another baby. 


You can pray for us too. I know we're not in the hospital waiting to find out if our son will live but we have walked the path of loss. I am desperately ready for Karlyn to have a sibling and to get to be a "big sister!" As much as part of me says, "God don't let it happen until everything can go right", the other part says "I'm ready NOW." We know God has a plan for our lives and our family but as each month brings a new wave of hope and disappointment, it gets harder. I want to have a story to tell, one that brings Him glory and shouts that He was authoring it all the entire time. I want to carry another baby and bring one home. So we keep on hoping. And trying to trust.

I know Karlyn will love it because I'm finding more and more babies wrapped up in my bed when I go to sleep each night. Sweet little Caillou. ;>

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