I baked! ~Cowboy Cookies~

Ever find an exciting new recipe, gather the first few ingredients, start dumping things in a bowl, and then find you're out of (fill-in-the-blank)?

I did that last night. No baking soda! 


I thought about asking a neighbor for some, ya know, like back in the good ol' days but I decided instead to make Ryan buy some on his way home from work. He sweetly obliged.


These cookies are so good! I really liked them and when my toddler happily scarfs down two as well, I consider it a recipe success. It's not my recipe but I'll gladly share it here. Don't be scared by the avocado. Or the apple cider vinegar. I thought these were even yummier this morning after an overnight stay in the fridge.

(Avocado Coconut) Cowboy Cookies ~ by: What RUNS Lori
Recipe here

Aren't they purty?? (said in a cowboy voice) They are more muffin-like than cookie and I threw a couple in the freezer too to save. *I used cows milk and dark chocolate chips.* I will definitely make these again!

Hey, it's Friday. And I have a feel-good-Friday song for you. You can't listen to this and NOT feel happy.


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