My new last name

Ya'll. You have to promise you won't make fun of me. Or think I'm crazy.


I changed my last name. Finally.

I wish I were kidding. Ryan and I have been married for six years and I just now made it official.

It wasn't on purpose! This is what happened. I didn't do it right after we got married. I would remember from time to time that I still needed to do this. I would look up the info and see that I could drive to Greenville or I could mail in my marriage license. And so I did neither. Then I would forget about it for oh, two years or so. Then I would remember again. Then I kept not doing it.

Until yesterday. I really was forced to go. I had to renew my driver's license and the lady noticed that it wasn't verifying something or other and I said, "uh, could that be because I haven't changed my last name yet?" She said yes, and please go do that. So I went. And...it took approximately 15 minutes + driving time.


Oh well. I promise I wasn't using the first six years as a trial period to see if I liked the guy. ;)

Also. There was a very elderly lady inside the office who kept squawking. Like a parrot? I had to try not to laugh. Then her elderly husband came up to her and said, "I'm gonna trade you in for a hound dog. An old one."

Shannon. You should have been there. Oh wait, you're in Paris! Not jealous.

One more thing. Moms, you'll find this funny. I did. I read it in bed this morning while trying to will my eyes to prop open to the blaring light of my iPhone.

My favorite line? The milk isn't juice.

Does anyone know how to get red crayon out of tan carpet? That may or may not have gone down tonight.

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