30th Birthday Party

Oh my goodness. I completely forgot to blog about my sweet little surprise 30th birthday party! Say that three times fast. Anyways, it was so fun. I had cleaned the house all day Saturday and the plan was for Karlyn and I to meet Ryan for dinner at Red Robin so I could get my free birthday burger. I had thought earlier in the week that he was planning for other people to eat with us but by Saturday morning I was pretty sure that wasn't the plan. He was acting weird. :>

After we ate we went by James Avery to pick up my birthday present. A new charm for my charm bracelet!

We got home and walked into this! 

It was so fun seeing our friends Brian, Amanda, and Mallory, and Ryan's brother Luke and fiance Sam. 

We had pink punch and really yummy birthday cake.

I'm so thankful for Amanda. Ryan has been extremely busy at work so she pretty much put this party together! What an awesome friend! She has been with me through some not so great times and is always there with an encouraging word and a hug. I love her. :-)

I'm so glad God gave us both daughters. We had fun watching Karlyn and Mallory completely destroy the house play together. :-)

Can you see who's hiding next to me? ;>

I got to open birthday cards, a cute little plaque, and a Barnes and Noble gift card. So fun! We talked and ate while the girls ran amok. Seriously. The house was perfect when I left and in about 15 minutes, they had the living room and Karlyn's room covered in toys, clothes, and books. It was totally a preview of what's to come...little girl sleepovers! I should have worried when I heard Karlyn say, "Come here Mallory, I wanna show you sump-ing."

Yes those would be swimsuits on their heads,

I'm so blessed to enter my 30's with such amazing friends and family. They made the day special for me and I can't thank them enough!

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Amanda said...

Love you too friend! So glad we got to celebrate you!! So glad to have you in the 30's with me :)