Meeting baby


We had our first appointment! You wait and you wait and you wait and I think a lot of the fun is just that. The anticipation. But of course going into that little room and seeing your baby for the first time is just about the most amazing thing ever. Hearing the heartbeat? A miracle. 159 at that. :-)

They dated me at 7 weeks, 5 days with a due date of September 29. I know that a due date is really just a "guess date" so it could be late September OR early October. Or some other date! But baby looked healthy and was just chillaxin in there. :>

We get another sono in two weeks just to check in again, because of last time. I'm excited because then we will probably get to see the little thing wriggling around with it's arm and leg nubs!

We have a baby! Yay!!!!!


Amanda said...

Great pics! What a great day!

The Young's said...

i love it!! it's such an amazing experience!!