Bump Day

Aah! Hey. This is the last "past" post I have to put up. Thanks for hanging in there and if you're tired of reading baby-ness, I apologize. Not every post I write from now until September will be about darling #2. I do want to remember this time though. And I'm itching to write in the present now! 

This update is from February 17th.

My plan is to do these every 2 weeks?  We'll see. I'm not super duper creative but hopefully my chalkboards will get better with time. :-) Also, I stole this from Heather so hopefully she won't mind!

How Far Along: 8 weeks
Size of baby: .63 in; a raspberry!
Total Weight Gain/LossNo gain or loss yet
Maternity ClothesNot yet. But they're hanging up in the closet ready to go! :>
GenderI'm guessing we'll find out in May *spoiler alert* I think it might be another girl. . .
MovementI can't wait!
SleepThe progesterone knocks me out
What I missFood sounding good
Cravings: Cereal, pizza
Symptoms: All day waves of nausea, fatigue

Best Moment this week: Seeing our little sprout on the sonogram!

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Andrea C. said...

So cute! Love it. For sure keep up with the bump pictures. I seriously regret not taking more.