I had a dream


Pregnancy + extra progesterone gives you crazy-vivid-exhausting dreams. I remember this well and they've started happening again. I dreamed last night that we had another girl. I told Ryan, it wasn't like she was dressed in all pink and ruffles but I knew it was a girl. And I was so happy. :-) Labor apparently had been short and sweet. Some dream huh!?

I'm wondering if working in Karlyn's room yesterday made me start thinking GIRL. I spent probably an hour and a half just going through her closet and drawers...organizing...picking up...sorting outgrown clothes to loan out. I feel like I'm in a good spot because I really wouldn't mind having another girl! I love having a girl and I know "girl" and "boy" sometimes scares me. BUT, of course having a boy would be awesome and new and totally cool and Ryan would flip out with happiness

We will both be happy, boy or girl. 

Three more days to our appointment! I'm still nauseous, still tired, and starting to unbutton my pants half-way through the day - even though it's only bloat. So, it seems all is good! Hurry up Friday!!!!!

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