Wordless{ish} Wednesday: New Year's

 These two chick-lets partied hard and Karlyn had to work on her sharing.  We'll keep working.  Mallory was the first to go down and my child?  Oh, she refused to let sleep be an option and proceeded to stay up all. night. finally surrendering around 1:00 am.  Good gracious!  She was excited for our company to get there and kept saying, "my Mallory! my Mallory!"
The adults were low-key and didn't even play our traditional guys vs. girls Sequence game.  Kids change everything eh?  :-)  We watched some tv, read table topics questions, and dined on fabulous chips, dip, and cookies.  I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with our friends yet another year!

 I think Amanda has the group pic!

This is Karlyn after too many triscuits.  Go. To. Bed!

I'm so thankful to be entering a new year with this guy by my side.  I know whatever comes, we will face it together.

Happy 2013! 

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Amanda said...

We had a blast and I love the pics of the two girls! Karlyn couldn't let us party without her :)